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Impressions from Chinaplas 2021

This year, Chinaplas could take place in contrast to last year and BUSS also sent representatives of its Chinese subsidiaries to participate in this industry event. The booth promoted the introduction of the COMPEO series. It perfectly ...

12 мая, 2021|

Women in Manufacturing … Of course!

Mechanical engineering is an exciting sector - process technology, test lab, engineering, project management, digital transformation, HR, sales ... there are plenty of possibilities. And we think more …

24 февраля, 2021|

COMPEO – first choice for reactive extrusion

The Polieco Group, market-leading manufacturer of compounds and adhesives for steel pipe coating, tie-layers for multilayer structures and of structured double-wall high-density polyethylene corrugated pipes, is making a future-proof investment in a COMPEO compounding line. The BUSS compounding extruder will lead to an increase ...

13 января, 2021|

Services in China

Two years ago we opened our Chinese branch office in Songjiang, a district in the southwest of Shanghai. The aim was to be closer to our Chinese and Asian customers with our comprehensive ...

17 ноября, 2020|

75 years of BUSS Kneader technology

At BUSS we are happy to celebrate a special anniversary this year. 75 years ago, on August 20, 1945 to be precise, patent applications were filed for the BUSS Kneader technology. The inventor of this technology ...

16 октября, 2020|

Strong Performance

The COMPEO series is expanding into high output rates. With the sale of several 176 models, the flexible COMPEO compounding system makes its debut in the market ...

23 сентября, 2020|

New compounder generation COMPEO: award-winning

On July 2, Ringier Industrial Media hosted the "2020 Rubber and Plastic Innovative Materials Application and Processing Technology Summit Forum" held in Shanghai. After winning the Ringier Technology Innovation Award in 2012 and 2019 ...

7 июля, 2020|

Time for inspection

Time for inspection: Use the time now, in case not all machines are running at full capacity. By taking measures at the right time, production capability can be guaranteed and plant availability increased to ensure a successful re-start of capacity. The specialists of the BUSS service team are there for you and provide support for inspection and repair.

13 мая, 2020|

Fridays for Future: sustainability in the plastics industry!

The second China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai has just ended. This exhibition aims actively to open the Chinese market to the world. Countries and regions all over the world are invited to strengthen international trade and economic globalization. BUSS participated at the first CIIE in 2018, shortly after the Shanghai team moved into the new office premises.

22 ноября, 2019|

Happy Birthday, COMPEO!

Time passed by so quickly! It has been one full year, since we launched our new compounder generation COMPEO at the NPE in Orlando, Florida.

8 мая, 2019|

Flexibility is the key to the future.

The world is growing faster and faster, markets are constantly expanding and changing, new technologies are being developed all the time and new companies are emerging everywhere. This process is speeding up more and more.

3 мая, 2019|

BUSS в движении – Генеральный директор д-р Филипп Нисинг о пути развития компании

Д-р Филипп Низинг, генеральный директор компании BUSS, оглядывается на наш путь развития в течение последних месяцев и лет, развитие COMPEO, наилучший образец инноваций и разработок BUSS.

22 января, 2019|

COMPEO special: Как с этим связана древесина?

На протяжении тысячелетий человечество использовало древесину для строительства домов, вагонов, мостов и кораблей. Другие натуральные волокна, такие как лен и пенька, были превращены в веревки, паруса и кукурузные мешки. И какое это имеет отношение к рецептуре?

15 января, 2019|