BUSS Kneader Technology

BUSS Kneader systems, thanks to their unique operating principle and various modularly combinable versions, are well proven as first-class products in all kinds of industrial applications with excellent references worldwide. Thanks to this extremely wide application range covering pasty, thermoplastic and thermosetting products as well as elastomers, BUSS Kneader systems have a very successful track record in processing plastics, chemical products, powder coatings and toners, pharmaceutical products, caoutchouc, adhesives, anode paste and foodstuffs. Learn more about the BUSS Kneader Technology in this pdf.

These polyvalent systems are ideal for numerous processes:

  • Mixing

  • Fusion

  • Plasticizing

  • Homogenizing

  • Disperging

  • Degassing

  • Dissolving

  • Reacting

  • Crystallizing

  • Pelletizing