BUSS Operating Principle

Oscillating screw shaft, optimal mixing, extremely short processing length, superior temperature control.

The excellent mixing capabilities of BUSS Co-Kneaders can be attributed to the unique operating principle which features simultaneous rotation and axial oscillation of the mixing and kneading screw shaft. The oscillating screw shaft ensures intensive material exchange in an axial direction by multiple splitting, folding and reorientation of the product.

This results in an excellent distributive mixing effect and optimal distribution of the raw materials. BUSS Co-Kneader technology is particularly effective when liquid components have to be incorporated or high degree of fillers need to be added.

In addition, the interaction between the characteristic kneading flights of the screw shaft and the stationary kneading pins accounts for the effective mixing. The oscillating screw shaft motion allows for an extremely short processing length.

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Features and benefits of BUSS Kneader technology

  • Extremely short processing length