Every Friday, students all over the world demonstrate against climate change and for more sustainability. It’s a topic that affects all aspects of life and business. From grocery shopping without plastic bags to CO2 compensation for flights. From electric vehicles to renewable energies. Sustainability is not just a trend anymore, it’s a value, and more importantly, it’s a global demand.

The plastics industry is deeply affected by this trend as well. While pessimists see the obstacles here, optimists spot the opportunities. New and innovative solutions are needed. Business concepts are changing from mass production to recycling. Compounds like Bioplastics, which used to be niche products, are now in high demand. Highly specialized performance and engineering compounds like FRTP or Polycarbonate are utilized as replacement for metal components in automotive construction. They weigh less than metal, and lighter cars consume less fuel, hence sustainability. The plastics industry is adapting, changing, evolving.

Granules for bioplastics, presented decoratively on fresh leaves / Compounding systems
Bioplastics are either bio-based, biodegradable or both. Read more here!