Successful start for COMPEO, the new BUSS compounder generation

Numerous discussions with customers and in-depth market analyses have made the demand increasingly concrete: high-quality compounds have the most important innovation and earnings potential in the polymer industry.

Product requirements have increased significantly. Products need to be even stronger, even more scratch-resistant, even more flame-retardant, even more weatherproof and at the same time even more resource-saving. This can only be achieved with a compounder that mixes in large quantities of aggregates well and thoroughly.

After one and a half years of intensive development, full of calculations, tests and prototype construction, the COMPEO is ready for the market. It combines the advantages of all previous BUSS series. The new state-of-the-art Compounder offers more variety in application, more flexibility in process engineering and more added value in compound production. It offers exactly what the market demands.

At the NPE 2018 in Orlando we presented our state-of-the-art cCompounder COMPEO for the first time. It was the ideal starting point for us, as around 11,000 visitors from 110 countries came to find out about new products and innovations in the field of plastics.