The state-of-the-art compounding technology of COMPEO meets the extremely high requirements of the polymer industry: a wide range of applications, a large operating window, high flexibility and robustness, as well as consistent process stability, but also operational and operator safety, energy efficiency and reduced operating costs. The result is a system that can be configured from standardized modules for applications well beyond the market segments served before, such as PVC, cable compounds and thermosets. This opens up compounding possibilities for a broad spectrum including engineering plastics with process temperatures up to 400° C.

A highly innovative machine concept

There is a basic version with two intake zones. Polymers, additives and some of the fillers are fed through the first inlet opening into the process section. In the melting zone, the polymers are molton and mixed with the additives. In the second feed zone, further fillers are added and distributed homogeneously into the downstream zone. Volatiles and air are removed in the degassing zone before transfer to the discharge unit. For customer-specific and tailor-made solutions, the processing length, type and number of feeders, temperature, degassing and process geometries are defined according to the compounding application.