COMPEO – The right choice for demanding compounding requirements

Increasing demand for end products with improved properties is driving polymer development towards higher strength, improved scratch resistance, improved flame retardancy, better UV resistance, less weight and more resource saving.

As the tuning of compounds properties through polymer chemistry is already widely exploited, further improvement of those properties has to be increasingly achieved by mixing in more and more sophisticated, sensitive and expensive additives. This is where intensive mixing of sensitive ingredients supersedes the requirement for ever higher throughputs. This kind of reliable mixing and precise control of the temperature profile are traditional strengths of BUSS kneader technology.

The COMPEO series modular compounding machine concept is so flexible that a specifically configured compounding line is available for each compounding application, independent of the temperature range.

In the latest issue of Compounding World magazine, Mark Holmes discusses compounding options, and takes a close look on our new COMPEO series!

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