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ブッスの競争力の源泉は、顧客の先進的な混練課題へのソリューション提供能力です。限りなく増え続ける市場ニーズと同様、プロセス技術と製品品質に対する高い要求は常に存在し続けます。ブッスの混練システムの高い性能と確実な投資リターンは、“Swiss Quality“ という言葉で表されます。これによりブッスは、高品質な混練ソリューションのリーディングサプライヤーになっています。

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COMPEO – その驚くべき違い!

“驚くべき違い” これをブッスは、ポリマーとプラスチックス産業に対して新世代混練機COMPEOの導入で約束いたします。新規開発の二軸押出機を装備した単軸混練機であるCOMPEOは、様々なアプリケーションに対応し、よりフレキシブルなプロセスエンジニアリングにより、混練工程における高い価値をお客様にご提供いたします。


Happy Holidays from BUSS!

That was 2021! An eventful year lies behind us. A new one will be starting soon. The BUSS TEAM wishes you and your family happy, relaxing holidays and a happy new year 2022!


What our customers say about BUSS:

„The BUSS Kneader is good compounding with high quality.“

SIPCHEM, Gulf Advanced Cable Insulation

„I express my sincere thanks for both of your continued support and understanding since the beginning of the project. Your hard work has laid a solid foundation for a long-term cooperation between NFC and BUSS. I hope that we can continue our sincere cooperation and make persistent efforts to provide technical service and maintenance work and make great efforts for NFC and BUSS on establishing a good reputation.“

Mr. Hao (Project Manager), NFC

„After several days of stoppage due to a brake in our kneader we have restarted the production and fortunately everything is OK. The collaboration with the Buss team was very useful and fulfilled all of our requirements. It was a very nice experience to work together “on line” with the Buss team in Switzerland and our team in Argentina. Thank you very much for your kind and useful collaboration.“

Esteban Cobo (Head Carbon Dept), Aluar Aluminio Argentino

„BUSS is a great partner as the quality of its products and the output are high, maintenance is low and spare parts are rarely required. The BUSS compounder is a very good product and disposes of features that makes it unique.“

Jameel Almasri (Projects Manager) Arabian Gulf Manufacturers

„BUSS is an excellent partner as its compounding delivers a very good performance. Besides, the technical support from the BUSS team is perfect. BUSS means full understanding in commercial terms.“

Ihab Sharaf (plant manager) Gulf Plastic & Converting Industries

„BUSS is a great partner because BUSS is High Tech. Thank you for the good work.“

Mohammed Jouda Abdul Aziz (PVC Plant Production Manager) Bahra Cables

„Since the beginning of our partnership with BUSS, PLASCOM is successfully using BUSS compounding lines to manufacture polymer compound for wire & cables.“

Eng. Samir Allouni (Plant Manager) Arab Co. for Cable Polymers Ltd. (PLASCOM)







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