Compounding Technology for PVC Pelletizing

PVC is one of the three most-used plastics apart from PE and PP polyolefins. Its numerous adaptation possibilities during processing and compounding have opened up wide-ranging applications.

Melt compounding and pelletizing is used in instances where direct extrusion of dry blend into a finished part is not possible or economical. The reasons for this may be frequent product changes, small batch sizes, difficult processing conditions, problematic storage, or maintenance and other logistical issues. BUSS compounding technology, in particular the COMPEO compounder, offers a wide range of production options.

BUSS PVC pelletizing compounding technology is particularly suitable for the following applications

Light beige granules for rigid pvc pelletizing with PVC pelletizing compounding technology by BUSS.

Rigid PVC – PVC-U

  • Extruded profiles for interior and exterior uses
  • High-fill extrusion grades
  • Injection moulding grades for pipes and fittings
  • Blow moulding grades for bottles and containers
  • WPCs (wood-plastic composites)
  • C-PVC (chlorinated PVC)
  • Alloys and blends
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Blue granules for soft pvc pelletizing with PVC pelletizing compounding technology by BUSS.

Soft PVC – PVC-P

  • Cable grades: insulation, sheathing and bedding compounds
  • Extrusion materials for profiles and hoses
  • Medical grade applications
  • Injection moulding compounds
  • Shoe sole material (also with blowing agent)
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