PVC Cable Compounds

Soft PVC cable insulation compounds

Depending on requirements, cable insulation mass by BUSS compunding systems utilizes various different plastics. They include polyolefin, TPE, PPE, EEFE, PVA, and of course soft PVC compounds. PVC has been used for cable insulation since 1932, originally as a replacement for rubber. Due to their relatively high dielectric strength, leading to corresponding induction losses and heating, soft PVC cable insulation compounds are only used at AC voltages of up to 10 kV. Most soft PVC cable mass applications are in this field. Formulations can be adjusted to customize the application temperature range, mechanical characteristics and flexibility of use, flammability and processing.

Here are two examples:

  • Softener formulation adjustment can raise the continuous operating temperature limit to 105°C.
  • Aluminium trihydroxide (ATH) additive can systematically reduce flammability and smoke formation. Regulatory authorities such as the VDE, EN or UL issue standardized property profiles for insulation and coating compounds.