HFFR Cable Compounding

HFFR (Halogen Free, Flame Retardant) polyolefin compounds for cable insulation mass can be produced best with HFFR cable compounding systems.

Polyolefins have outstanding insulation properties, but are so easily combustible that they have to be made flame-retardant accordingly. In the early 1980s the first alternatives to PVC compounds, used almost exclusively until then, were developed. This development was also pushed forward by the growing public concern about the release of hazardous substances in general and about fire outbreaks in particular.

Recently, tighter European Construction Products Regulations (CPR) came into force. Their purpose is to protect people, property and the environment by further reducing fire risk, delaying fire outbreak, and minimizing smoke formation. HFFR cable compounds produced with the HFFR cable compounding systems by BUSS AG meet these European safety standards.

For cable mass, these CPR HFFR regulations are best met in many cases by light-metal hydroxide based flame retardants (ATH, MDH). Over the years, further concepts and materials such as milled mineral substances and nanofillers have been developed. The expensive original speciality is meanwhile mass-produced at almost the same price level as PVC compounds.