Compounding technology for battery compounds

The development and implementation of high-density accumulator and battery systems are important contributions in responding to the global trend and UNO sustainability goals. The sustainable and decentralized generation, storage and use of energy play a key role thereby.

In researching suitable substance combinations and processes, the adequate handling of electrically conductive materials is of great importance. Typical requirements include intensive mixing in the solid as well as the viscous phase, without deteriorating the physical structure of the functional fillers and thus reducing the conductivity. In addition to this, adherence to narrow temperature limits is a possible requirement.

The knowledge acquired over decades of handling conductive materials, which may also be on a nano scale (such as graphene or different variants of carbon nanotubes (CNTs)), enables BUSS process developers to find, evaluate and successfully implement customized solutions. Thus, the full potential of continuous processing systems is utilized. Uniform process conditions, narrow residence time distribution, continuous process control and the integration of various process steps are among the typically beneficial features.