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  • Laboratory Kneader MX 30
  • BUSS Kneader Technology for Powder Coatings
  • Laboratory Kneader PCS 30
  • Pilot plant PCS 46
  • Buss Kneader technology
  • BUSS Kneader Series KX

Buss Mission

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Buss Service

  • BUSS Full Service
  • BUSS Pelletizing System CEP 250
  • MKS Tuning Kit


  • Reprint 75 years BUSS Kneader
  • BUSS Kneader for Cable Compounds
  • Throughput up, Costs down
  • First of it's kind plant concept
  • Aluminium Journal: Four-Flight Technology greatly enhances throughput and quality
  • Kunststoffe International: Compounding Systems with Variable Kneading Flights
  • Aluminium Times: KX Kneader series launch

General Conditions

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